Goodbye, Bronson.

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It was pretty sad because he died on my hubby’s birthday.scrapbook1



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Someone from IBY is doubting the authenticity of my photograph.

” deliveryorpunch79 all-city posted: Jun 24 06:14pm reply

re: Bronson (RIP)
this isn’t your picture… cause if it was it wouldn’t be copywritten”

Bronson is my dog! Read the copyright below the photo. My name is written there.

Copyrights should be placed on any intellectual property you put on the web. Its safer and will protect you from plaigarism or unauthorized use of your intellectual property. I’m a songwriter too mr. deliveryorpunch79 which is why i try to keep all my intellectual property safe. thanks Bronson

My cute little dog

My cute little dog


My Japanese Doll

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Some people collect porcelain cats, I collect oriental dolls.

I call this doll “Sayuri”. After the lead character in Memoirs of a Geisha. Doesn’t it look nice?



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Orchids are my favorite things to shoot. They don’t move, they’re very colorful and almost every kind of lighting works for them.

My husband gave me these on valentine’s day.



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Here’s a photo of the chimes that I hung on our main door.

I think the chimes are pretty. I like that they look so indigenous.


I know it’s not as good as magazine photos, but I don’t have any training in photography… so please bear with me ^_^


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As usual, I was pretty bored when I took this photo. Being Catholic and all, I thought it would be a good subject.



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Above is a photo I’ve taken during election time at Angeles City. I used my old poorman’s 1.3 Megapixel camera phone to get this photo, hence, the poor resolution.

 The one being referred to as “SANTA CLAUS” is a candidate for a position in congress. He called his opponent “KUHOL” (kuhol means snail), because he thinks his opponent looks like a local pseudo celebrity we call KUHOL because his mouth resembles that of a snail’s.

 I just hate politics. And here are some of the reasons why.

1. It sickens me whenever I see that children of political scum get endorsed for positions that they are not even qualified for. Why do they always get ahead? Are they really that special?

2. It sickens me whenever some person of some political power tries to use his so-called powers to influence people around him so they could bend down to his will. Case in point, Mr. *******************************************… No I won’t mention his name here. I don’t want to die any day soon.

3. It sickens me whenever I see my payslip. They subtract Php 7,200 a month from my salary as tax, but do I see where my tax money is going? No! I don’t see new infrastructure, new schools, or even new books for public schools for that matter. All I see are congressmen, mayors down to barangay captains getting greedier and greedier by the milisecond.

4. It sickens me whenever I see opposing parties try to overshadow each other. All politicians are airheads. They all want to be the best ones in everything, never wanting to see other people succeed for it might belittle them in the eyes of the public.

 I hate it.